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Soul Bar

Opened in 2007, Soul Bar is regarded as the “forerunner of city bar” and really leads the bar culture in this port.

“Duchamp is a woman” this classic slogan is widespread in southern Fujian. Many people know Soul Bar because of its music. Soul Bar has won support among the people for its unique music mode and pure bar atmosphere with warmth and health. It has been a classic in the mind of clubber.


Huanchang entertainment chain business strives to advance our business goal of “promoting legitimate leisure and entertainment for all” by upholding the corporate business principle of “health, comfort, joy” and the business attitude of “integrity and practicality”.

As the healthy entertainment place on the fashion front, GOODTIME KTV maintains the constant high quality to provide the best karaoke entertainment experience for the customers.

Shangqing Bengang Seafood

Shangqing Bengang Seafood is established on November 18th, 2009. “Shangqing” is transliterated from Min Nan dialects, meaning the freshest.

The founder of “Shangqing” lives by the sea since the childhood, who loves the sea and is good at fishing. The founder quite knows and loves seafood, at the same time supplies the freshest wild seafood of Amoy Sea people. The seafood is directly sent to the table from the fishing boat, which makes the cuisine healthy and delicious.

Raven Night Club

Raven Night Club is the first top night club established in accordance with the global international standards in Xiamen, which is also a gathering place of music lover.

As the fun-lover gathering place with the professional lighting and sound equipment beyond the international standards in the Southern China, Raven is established by a group of young people with attitude. “Fun enough, nice-singing enough, cool enough”, such mystery place can be found in Xiamen!

e Racetrack| eFormula Karting

The e Racetrack| eFormula Karting is an indoor karting hall located in Fanghu South Road in Xiamen, with the professional karting racetrack in the length of 450 m. The racetrack is designed by the royal track designer Michael Kolbinger of the F1 racing driver Michael Schumacher. He combines the innovation of karting industry and the precision of German industry to provide the international professional service and an exclusive speed and passion for the kart lovers.

The e Racetrack| eFormula Karting introduces the original imported electric karts produced by German RIMO and adopts the new pure-electric drive technology, which are customized for the e Racetrack| eFormula Karting. It provides the super five-star entertainment athletics venue services with the most safety, most professional and most passion for the people besotted with kart, keen on speed and fond of competition.

Boiling Point

Boiling Point is a Taiwanese style hot pot restaurant created in USA California, and has 25 branches in total at present.

In 2018, Boiling Point is opened in China City in Xiamen. It provides various Taiwanese style hot pot cuisines with authentic style, or Chinese and western style, romantic tender style, or popular hot style, with the characteristics of special hot pot base, fresh materials and creative originality. In Boiling Point, the food materials are selected, the sauces are supplied form Taiwan, the flavor is the genuine Taiwanese style.

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